What Do Consulting Engineers Do?

If you need an expert, consulting engineers can assist in projects where technical challenges fall outside of the expertise of general engineers.

If you need an expert in the planning, design and construction of both public and private infrastructure and production, then you need a consulting engineer. They can assist in projects where technical challenges fall outside of the expertise of general engineers. They can assist with the entire framework from design analysis, procurement and costing, supplier and subcontractor management, to process details and future support. Sometimes they act on behalf of the client in a role known as owners engineering. When you hire a consulting engineer they can provide you with important feedback on topics such as material limitations and design weaknesses, and will offer insights into how to optimise the entire project. Turnkey innovations like this are what Free Radical Process Design excels at.

What Is the Role of a Consulting Engineer?

They are licensed professionals that may have varied backgrounds in chemical, civil, structural, or mechanical and electrical expertise. They may have diverse qualifications across various technical disciplines. The client’s needs will dictate what specialities are required of the consulting engineer and this also affects the responsibilities of the engineer. The consulting engineer may be placed in the role of a manager, an advisor, or specialist scientific role – or even a combination of roles.

The Role of a Consulting Engineer in a Mine

Consulting engineers working in the mining industry could have different levels of involvement. They might work as a mine manager where they will be in charge of managing the resources and budget of their project. They might be involved with the tendering process and proposals. Alternatively, they could be a contributor in a scientific or a technical role. 

Consulting engineers manage engineering projects that their client might have in constructing or operating a mine. Consulting engineers supervise subcontractors who provide a speciality in various stages of a project. They are in charge of overseeing the design and construction of their project, ensuring it runs smoothly and that all deadlines are met within the allocated timeline and budget. They are involved in contracting the needed manpower and will be involved with the procurement of needed materials. They are also responsible for drafting and preparing contract documentation.

On the technical side, feasibility studies are conducted by the consulting engineer which includes site investigations and risk analysis of all the projects that are to be conducted. Consulting engineers at mines see to it that all their work complies with company and government health and environmental standards.

The working conditions of consulting engineers in mines consist of a lot of office-bound type of work in regards to the paperwork and all the designs they would have to draft. They will also spend time on the mining site when collecting samples or inspecting construction and operations.

Role of a Consulting Engineer in Construction

Many of the roles that a consulting engineer would encounter in a mining environment may be similar to that of construction. Consulting engineers in construction, however, have a number of additional duties. 

They often portray the role of an advisor and would give advice on the repairs, alterations and maintenance of already existing structures. They are involved with all matters of the construction of their projects and will give advice with regards to the selection of available equipment like elevators, all sorts of electrical components that need to be installed in a building, and all water supply infrastructure components. 

In the case of complex structures, other experts will be consulted to cross-check designs to ensure the safety of the structures and to make sure that the project is done in the most economical way. That’s why engineering consulting firms are useful, as they would have more than one expert consulting engineer working on a project. 

Construction consulting engineers are familiar with modern developments in construction technology and understand ISO 9000 quality management and practices. They are well versed in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) especially in the building of tall structures. The field of CFD is used for aerodynamic design, wind engineering analysis and visual design. 

For more insight into the roles and responsibilities of a consulting engineer, watch this video that specifically looks at the role of a civil engineer working as a consultant.

Consulting Engineers Are Essential Everywhere

They design the framework around which our society is built, and they are an important part of what makes engineering work. They provide reliable innovation and a high level of specific expertise. They create useful structures and systems that result in processes being built and mines operating toward maximum efficiency. They are registered professionals and can make the end product much simpler and more cost-effective to achieve whether in preparation for a new design or the rehabilitation of existing infrastructure. They are hired to do modifications, designs or upgrades of any type of infrastructure, and they are usually a catalyst in solving problems. 

Knowing how important and critical the contributions are that these engineers make in almost every industry, do you need consulting engineers to work with you in your business and industry? Contact us today to set up a meeting with us to see how we can help you.


Watch the following video of Rudds Consulting Engineers about how they are successfully striving to create energy-neutral buildings.

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