Pilot Plant and Process Engineering Specialists

Free Radical Process Design (FRPD) provides vertically integrated, value-adding engineering services and products. Our creative problem solving skills fulfils and exceeds our clients’ productivity and performance requirements. We forge long-term partnerships and delivers innovative solutions designed to pave the way to successful process engineering.

Engineering Services:

Free Radical Process Design provides a full range of engineering services to meet your process and engineering design requirements. We improve process efficiency, profitability and safety, using an environmentally conscious methodology.

Our engineering services include:

  • Pilot plant development
  • Process engineering
  • Machine learning, advanced analytics and optimization
  • Electrowinning (Rotowinner™)

Our engineers work closely with clients to discover ways to address the challenges they face with greenfields and brownfields process engineering projects.

We are known for excellent innovation in pilot plant development, engineering design and project management.