Continuous Electrowinning Technology​

Free Radical Process Design (FRPD) has developed a novel electrowinning technology (the Rotowinner™) that is containerised, and operates on a continuous basis. This unique innovation can offer users a mobile, modularly expandable electrowinning solution that combines the process of electrowinning and cathode stripping – both operated continuously! 

FRPD Free Radical Process Design - Rotowinner
FRPD Free Radical Process Design - Rotowinner

The technology has been proven to work on cobalt, copper and zinc, but has potential uses in the precious metals industry as well. The working principle of the technology entails plating metals onto a rotating drum cathode and continuously scraping the metal off, removing the need for overhead cranes, manual labour and a cathode stripping plant. The technology has been successfully demonstrated on a pilot-scale and has been optimised over a period of 36 months of operation.

Advantages of the Rotowinner™

Technology Advantages

Financial Risk Mitigation

Health and Safety Risk Mitigation