Pilot Plant Development

FRPD Pilot Plant Development

When you’re on the pivotal path to technology commercialization, it is vital to have a team of trusted and qualified experts to successfully bridge the gap between bench-scale proof of concept and commercial manufacturing.
Free Radical Process Design (FRPD) provides reliable innovation management that develops your ideas from proof of concept to scale-ready pilot and demonstration plants.
We develop fully scalable pilot plants, allowing our clients to bring their most challenging process development projects to market ahead of their competition, while protecting their intellectual property and innovations.

Why Choose FRPD for Pilot Plant Development

FRPD’s provides tailor-made turnkey solutions to suit your unique process requirements.

Projects to date:

  • Commercialization of continuous electro-winning technology (Rotowinner™).
  • Food processing technology solutions including heating, cooling, rehydration
    and separation.
  • Technical business consulting solutions.
  • Internationally recognised process simulations.

FRPD Pilot Plant Development Methodology:

FRPD will evaluate the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of your project, providing assistance with project planning, time management and budgetary considerations.

FRPD can assist with projects at various stages of progress and/or completion.

Our Turnkey Innovation Process

Technology Readiness Level 1

The basic principle is observed and research is conducted on a desktop scale to determine desirability. This stage is usually self funded.

Technology Readiness Level 2

The technological concept is formulated and research is applied to determine if the accuracy of assumptions made in TRL 1. At this point, the idea should be tested for viability. At this point, it is a good idea to apply for seed funding to finance the construction of the proof of concept.

Technology Readiness Level 3

At TRL 3 an experimental proof of concept developed and constructed while a feasibility study is conducted. This effectively gives access to larger technology development funds because an actual product will be the result of the work.

Technology Readiness Level 4

The proof of concept will now be demonstrated to interested parties effectively validating the innovation in a laboratory environment and opening the way to a bankable feasibility study and subsequent funding and investment opportunities.

Technology Readiness Level 5

Learning from the challenges experienced in the development of the technology to this level allows for a pilot plant to be constructed with improvements to the engineering design. Once the technology reaches this level, the way is open to early stage investment and funding from the small enterprise development agency.

Technology Readiness Level 6

The pilot plant is then demonstrated to interested parties in order to secure the intent of stakeholders in the further development of the plant.

Technology Readiness Level 7

At this point the technology is sufficiently de risked to justify the design and construct a commercial pilot plant. Industrial banks and government departments specialising in development funding like the IDC are good sources of funding at this stage of the technology development.

Technology Readiness Level 8

The commercial pilot is demonstrated in the environment it will be expected to operate in on a commercial scale effectively disruption the status quo.

Technology Readiness Level 9

With the system finally proven and demonstrated in a relevant environment, the commercial pilot can be scaled to production capacity and scaling the disruption to gain marketplace ubiquity.